Welcome to the Tulip U-Pick Farm – Where everyone leaves with flowers in their hand.

A little information on our process: 

We have been growing tulip bulbs for over 30 years. Most are now the next generation from the previous crop. We do add some new varieties from the Netherlands incorporating new colours to our stocks. We plant the bulbs in October (they prefer sandy, well-drained soil) and after planting they make their roots for the year and go to sleep. After Winter when the sun starts to gain strength, they start to grow. Usually, the tulip bloom from early April to Mother’s Day (May).

New crops of bulbs grow through the Spring and are ready for harvest in June. We will be limiting access to parts of the tulip fields so the growing plants do not get damaged.

With this information, we want to offer everyone a gentle reminder that we are a working farm. Please be respectful of the rules and barriers in the field to protect our plants. We know crossing the rope to get that perfect photo is tempting, but this can permanently damage our bulbs. We suggest heading to our extra large U-Pick area for your photos, where you can walk along the rows while you chose your 5 or 10 stems to take home. Don’t forget to tag us for your chance to be featured on our page!

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